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Enjoy hiking, camping and/or swimming on our 200 acre recreational natural park.

Bring your own camping supplies and stay the weekend!

Enjoy natural rejuvenating lake and streams!

Explore nature in its naturalness!

 Experience delicious, natural RAW/Living foods @ "Tucked in the Woods Cafe",
      ( click link above & below for more info @ Tucked in the woods )


Located at Alton, VA 24520
$15 per person per day and children under 18 are free
Park hours
Friday- Sunday for camping
Saturday - Sunday for recreational purposes

                                                                                              Call to book your camping expo today 336 273 7406 or email  [email protected]


We are continuing to build more facilities at our recreational park!
Here is a bit of our vision
In the future we prepare to build a bathroom out house, at the rental cabin located at this park.
We envision building a lake house complete with paddle boats for water sports.

Constructing a bath house with separate woman and man rooms; including multiple showers and toilets.
Creating paths layered with rocks throughout the land for easy navigation is in our future!

If you are willing to help with physical work or donation,
please contact 336.273.7406 or email:  [email protected]