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Creating a place for beauty to live!

Over 15 years ago, Art started the process of collecting 200+ acres of Virginia land to build a natural healing center. Art aspires to inspire natural environmental appreciation for healthy lives.

The purpose of the land is to create various centers for physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental renewal through the power of nature. 

Inspiring the choice to live a healthier more naturally purposeful life style, preserving nature, having a place for nature to thrive, ,.

Art is the owner of Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center, est 1975.

ECO Sciences Instructor at Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center, Reflective Gateways Wild Life Preservation Park  est . He purchased acres of land 20 years ago to create a natural healing center; now he and his wife have located there and continue creating the vision!

Art is a 35 year astrology, raw foodist, author of, "From dogma to light",earth enthusiast and astro herbal mixologist. He is known for creating personalized cologne from essential oils, based on ones date of birth and healing formulas.

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email: [email protected]

Office: 336.273.7406

7 Starlight Earthfeather, Kenita, wife and partner of Artis Hinson, is director of operations for  Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center and ECO Sciences Director for BELSAC Reflective Gateways.

 She is also author of  2 RAW vegan recipe books; organizer of various retreats upon the land and other initiatives such as the salad initiative, wild life preservation and natural park restoration, the salad initiative and more. 7 is also the executive chef of BELSAC Reflective Gateways/ Wild Life Preservation.